LinkedIn Jobs in the United Kingdom

LinkedIn Jobs in the United Kingdom

Here’s our list of the top LinkedIn jobs in the United Kingdom. We’ve chosen these LinkedIn jobs because they have the highest number of people currently searching for and applying to them on LinkedIn, both from within the UK and internationally. And although these are all great roles, remember that what’s most important is finding the job that’s right for you – not necessarily one that has the highest number of applicants or views!


1) In-house counsel LinkedIn Jobs

Most big companies use job boards, but if you’re not looking for a permanent position, it’s better to contact your dream employer directly. It might be a good idea to read up on top tips for applying for an in-house counsel role (here and here). As with all things networking-related, research is key. Here are just a few of the best resources: Corporate Counsel Forum, InHouse Counsel Magazine, In-House Jobs Listings and Corporate Counsel Networking Forums. Good luck! And remember to follow up on every single job application you send out – no matter how small.


2) Tax partner

An experienced tax partner is essential for any company—especially if they want to grow. Ideally, you should be able to hire a tax partner who will work closely with your CFO and/or senior management team. When hiring a tax professional, here are some things to consider: Does he or she have sufficient knowledge of current tax law? Is he or she willing to develop strong relationships with your accounting staff and help them better understand all areas of taxation? If so, you’ve found an effective tax partner. Can you personally trust him or her? If not, someone else may need to handle taxes for your organization instead. Does he or she understand what it takes to run a successful business? And does he or she have practical solutions for all aspects of taxation that affect companies like yours?


3) Finance director

The finance director of companies is responsible for financial decisions and accounting within a company. A finance director typically needs to have a degree in business administration or accounting. One of their main responsibilities is creating budgets for future projects. Some may decide to pursue their MBA, especially if they are looking for advancement opportunities within a company. It can take up to seven years to become fully certified as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). The more education you have, usually the higher salary you will receive; however, there are some people who make six figures without an advanced degree. Being licensed takes around six months, but some areas require two years experience before being able to get licensed as a CPA.


4) Consultant LinkedIn Jobs

If you’re interested in moving to London and working with a variety of companies, consultancies and even government bodies, then be sure to get your resume ready. Whether you have years of experience or not much at all, there are plenty of companies looking for new hires. Many recruit on LinkedIn jobs as well, making it easy to stay up-to-date on open positions. By using a tool like ClearCV that automatically optimizes your resume for each job posting (and works across multiple platforms), you can quickly apply for LinkedIn Jobs and manage your entire search from one platform!


Commercial adviser LinkedIn Jobs:

As a commercial adviser, you’ll advise clients on how to grow their companies. This can involve helping them find new markets and customers, negotiate contracts or avoid legal issues. A background in finance or sales would be helpful. Commercial advisers can earn more than £60,000 per year and are often self-employed. However, they usually need to meet strict criteria before they can register as such with their local Chamber of Commerce.


Marketing expert LinkedIn Jobs:

As an experienced marketer with a proven track record of developing and implementing successful, online campaigns that bring traffic to your site and increase sales you’re well-placed to build your own consultancy. Think about all those email lists you’ve built over time, how many industry connections you have, and how much content you’ve written for various publications. If there’s demand for your skills—and it sounds like there is—put yourself out there as a consultant. You can easily make several hundred dollars an hour on services like Upwork if there are people willing to pay that amount.


Strategy director Job:

Want to work for a leading player in one of Europe’s hottest industries? One that’s currently expanding and that is looking to hire new talent? Look no further than EY. This major professional services company helps organizations minimize risk and improve performance through its specialized areas of consulting, financial audit and tax. After a recent acquisition, it’s now on track to double its workforce by 2020.


Supply chain manager

It’s a popular LinkedIn job among professionals looking to boost their career on a national or international level. With a supply chain manager job, you can focus on marketing products and services, analyzing data, developing strategies and more.

For those that want to take their career to another level, a degree is not necessary; experience can be enough—but having both certainly doesn’t hurt. Some of the top industries for supply chain managers include energy, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. Salary depends on where you live: Supply chain managers earn an average of $85,000 annually in New York City but as little as $60,000 per year if they work in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Investment director Job:

Salaries and LinkedIn jobs: What is an investment director? The job of an investment director can vary slightly depending on which sector they work in and what stage of their career they are at. At senior level, investors typically work on behalf of high net worth individuals or charities who have tens or hundreds of millions to invest. Investments are a long-term proposition, sometimes lasting over 20 years, which requires patience and considerable expertise.


Assistant manager LinkedIn Jobs:

The LinkedIn Jobs board is flooded with vacancies for assistant managers, according to recent data from LinkedIn. An assistant manager assists a store manager by managing employees, implementing procedures and training staff. Some assistant managers also fulfill administrative tasks such as ordering supplies and scheduling shifts for workers. The average salary for an assistant manager is $43,091. Retail stores are looking for talent with skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and leadership ability. Candidates who can effectively communicate their ideas and listen attentively are more likely to be hired than candidates who do not listen carefully or have trouble explaining themselves in writing.

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