How Can My Business Win Awards

Business awards are a great way to show your company’s success, as well as to put your name on the map and strengthen your reputation in the business world. Awards are the perfect way to show off all the hard work you and your employees have put into making your business the best it can be. Whether you’re going for local awards or national ones, here are some tips on how you can get started today!

How Can My Business Win Awards

The importance of making a good first impression:

The number one reason people judge a business’s professionalism is based on its website. Potential customers don’t have time to call or e-mail and ask you how your business is run; they will simply look at your website, and if it looks professional, they will trust you. By winning awards for your company, you are showing that you are willing to put in extra effort to ensure high quality work (and therefore, high customer satisfaction). Every customer wants a business that cares about their opinions enough to go out of their way to receive recognition for it. It gives them confidence in your services and encourages them to spread good things about your company by word-of-mouth advertising. Be sure you take advantage of all opportunities when they arise!


Is it worth the time and money?

At a glance, it can be difficult to understand why some awards are more meaningful than others. There are several types of business awards that exist for companies in every industry and size category, with each type having a different level of prestige and cost. While some award programs do not cost anything to enter, others have entry fees or sponsorship requirements that you must meet before you submit your application for an award. When deciding which award program to enter, take into account what your business is looking to achieve from winning an award—don’t just assume that there’s a single best award out there.


Different types of awards and their value:

The most recognizable awards are those provided by trade publications. Typically, a small group of editors vote on which companies they believe have demonstrated excellence in a particular category and award these best-of honors to one winner in each category. These types of awards attract attention, but because they’re based on just one person’s opinion (and often those belonging to people you don’t know), it can be difficult to leverage that recognition into any tangible benefit. Another type of award is based more on public sentiment than an editor’s opinion. These are often given out at public ceremonies with attendees who cast their votes via surveys or email ballots before an event takes place.


Preparing your entry – It’s not as hard as you think

Yes, it’s true that some business competitions can be hard to get your head around. However, many aren’t as intimidating as they first appear. If you are entering a business competition for which you are targeting your entry towards other businesses (such as a local chamber of commerce), there may well be resources available to help you prepare your entry. For example, there may be online guides or tips from previous entrants to help give you a head start on creating an award-winning submission. Similarly, if you are entering a business competition for which your customers are being asked to vote for their favorite business (such as one run by an association in your industry), then again there may well be useful resources available that can help simplify things for you and give insight into what works and what doesn’t.


The trending business

The best businesses are one step ahead and work to solve problems before they arise. In other words, they’re trending. If you can figure out a problem or issue that people commonly run into, then your business will be trending — which means you could rake in big bucks. Trending businesses may not be as innovative as ones with cutting-edge tech, but they tend to grow much faster than other small companies because their potential customers have already heard about them and are eager to try them out! So, how do you know what’s trending? First off, pay attention to what’s going on around you. Are there certain issues that seem particularly prevalent right now? What problems do people keep running into over and over again? These are all good indicators of an area ripe for a trend-based business venture. And if you’re worried about competition from larger brands who might beat you to it, don’t be! It’s important to note that while large corporations can definitely trend, they’re also slower moving (and often more bureaucratic) than smaller companies — so even if they catch wind of an idea first, there’s plenty of time for yours to take off and overtake theirs.


Tips for getting awards

Every year, businesses across a variety of industries compete for awards. Regardless of your industry or how large or small your company is, you can still win an award. A trophy symbolizes to your customers and employees that you’re putting out a quality product, and these winners gain notoriety within their industries. The following types stand out because they have received many notable awards for their excellence in business practices and performance. You may be able to create a winning strategy based on some of these examples.

  • Creating Long-Term Relationships with Customers.
  • Making Social Media Work (Social media marketing is critical for getting new customers.)
  • Helping Customers Find You Online (website search engine optimization should be considered a vital part of online marketing.)
  • Giving Back to Your Community.
  • Generating Brand Awareness by Being Involved in Contests, Events and Promotions. Many contest organizers also offer prizes like gift cards and promotional items as incentives.
  • Making Sure Your Website is Easy to Navigate.
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service.
  • Ensuring Your Company is Environmentally Friendly.


What Should I do if I win an award?

First, bask in your glory! It’s nice to be recognized for a job well done, so enjoy it. The next step is to think about how to leverage that award into future business. Putting on a brave face and accepting a trophy at an awards ceremony is one thing; taking steps to actually put that award to work is another. Think about what kind of value winning an award has for your business (and you as an individual), and then make sure you understand how to take action on that value. For example, maybe you won something in your industry but only by one vote. That might mean it’s time to start thinking about targeting professional organizations and earning some more votes next year.